House Property Appraised High and Sold Immediately!!!

I came to Fort Smith, Arkansas of USA to help a friend of 40 years. When that was done I knew I didn’t belong here but everyone told me it takes two to three years to sell homes in this area. It is a small mountain town and not really close to anything. Very sad because I have no support system here or family and needed to go back home. I put it up for sale by owner and waited to see and not even ONE phone call. I absolutely knew in faith if it was meant for me to leave it would happen, but again no phone calls.

I met Goshreenath Nayak because I give to Food for the Hungry Cochin; and also because I am Arhatic Yogi too. He offered to HEAL for a month in order to manifest miracles “beyond my blocks” and BLESS for the sale of my home plus for guidance on my path as I go back home. Within a week of starting HEALINGS & BLESSINGS I started getting calls and around a month later I had an offer on my home for purchase!!! Also from a wonderful couple with 2 children who absolutely loved the home and she was a co-worker who knew everything I did to improve this home and made a good offer on the home knowing all that. (MIRACLE) Then I had 2 other calls to buy my home but it was under contract already. (MORE MIRACLES)

One difficult procedure here is getting Appraisal Approved stating that the home is worth what the buyer has offered. Homes do NOT go up in price here much and definitely not in 1 year. Since I have only been here 1 year and had to do improvements to live in the home I did not know if I could recover that money or not. Appraisal came in HIGH (BIG BIG BIGGER MIRACLE) so buyers qualified for their loan; and I can recover my money invested. That was a HUGE BIG BIG BIG Miracle for All!

Now we have much paperwork, but it will be finalized on September 27, 2019; and I can return home. Indeed, MIRACLES BEYOND ALL BLOCKS!

I am very grateful to have met Goshreenath Nayak in 2019 and have learned very much from him that I did not know even though I took all Pranic HealingĀ  Courses up through Arhatic Yoga. I am very blessed to know him, and he is an Awesome Pranic Healer & also a Very Wise Spiritual Coach.

Thanks to Source/God/Universe, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Master Choa Kok Sui; Higher Beings, Gurus, Masters, and Great Ones; and Thanks to Goshreenath Nayak; and to my Angels, Guides, and Helpers! I am very blessed!!! and looking forward to returning home.

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