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Improved Concentration in Academics; 12th Grade Exam Qualified!

My Son was suffering from lack of concentration & was not so good at studies. He wasn’t able to concentrate in any subject of studies more than five minutes. Goshreenath Nayak who is Pranic Healer, helped us in overcoming this situation. He did Pranic Healing Therapy for my Son to prepare & present well & Qualify in his 12th Standard CBSE Board Exam and it made a huge impact in him. Within 1 week itself of starting therapy there was huge difference in attention span. Healing Therapy not only helped him qualify with awesome marks, but also helped him improve with respect to his Character. In addition to the therapy Goshreenath is also a beautiful guide, coach & support to us whenever we are having any botheration or issue & provides us with his warm emotional & mental support & guidance…

Rohini Ganesh

House Property Appraised High and Sold Immediately!!!

I came to Fort Smith, Arkansas of USA to help a friend of 40 years. When that was done I knew I didn’t belong here but everyone told me it takes two to three years to sell homes in this area. It is a small mountain town and not really close to anything. Very sad because I have no support system here or family and needed to go back home. I put it up for sale by owner and waited to see and not even ONE phone call. I absolutely knew in faith if it was meant for me to leave it would happen, but again no phone calls.

I met Goshreenath Nayak because I give to Food for the Hungry Cochin; and also because I am Arhatic Yogi too. He offered to HEAL for a month in order to manifest miracles “beyond my blocks” and BLESS for the sale of my home plus for guidance on my path as I go back home. Within a week of starting HEALINGS & BLESSINGS I started getting calls and around a month later I had an offer on my home for purchase!!! Also from a wonderful couple with 2 children who absolutely loved the home and she was a co-worker who knew everything I did to improve this home and made a good offer on the home knowing all that. (MIRACLE) Then I had 2 other calls to buy my home but it was under contract already. (MORE MIRACLES)

One difficult procedure here is getting Appraisal Approved stating that the home is worth what the buyer has offered. Homes do NOT go up in price here much and definitely not in 1 year. Since I have only been here 1 year and had to do improvements to live in the home I did not know if I could recover that money or not. Appraisal came in HIGH (BIG BIG BIGGER MIRACLE) so buyers qualified for their loan; and I can recover my money invested. That was a HUGE BIG BIG BIG Miracle for All!

Now we have much paperwork, but it will be finalized on September 27, 2019; and I can return home. Indeed, MIRACLES BEYOND ALL BLOCKS!

I am very grateful to have met Goshreenath Nayak in 2019 and have learned very much from him that I did not know even though I took all Pranic Healing  Courses up through Arhatic Yoga. I am very blessed to know him, and he is an Awesome Pranic Healer & also a Very Wise Spiritual Coach.

Thanks to Source/God/Universe, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Master Choa Kok Sui; Higher Beings, Gurus, Masters, and Great Ones; and Thanks to Goshreenath Nayak; and to my Angels, Guides, and Helpers! I am very blessed!!! and looking forward to returning home.

Lori Munn

Goshreenath is a Dedicated Healer…

Goshreenath worked with me and my foster child, who had suffered tremendous trauma at the hands of her biological family. He worked diligently not only during her scheduled healing sessions but also in between sessions to maintain her energetic health and wellbeing. She was experiencing significant psychological and emotional problems, requiring hospitalization at times. Over a 3-month period, Goshreenath helped stabilize her and set her firmly on the path of health. In the words of her therapist – “We just can’t believe she has been doing as well as she has, considering what she has gone through!”. In my opinion, Goshreenath is a very dedicated and excellent healer. He is also amazingly gifted in scanning your energetic system to help you understand where you may need healing, attention, cleansing, or change.

Nicole Fouche

Very Powerful Healing

Thank you so much for your very powerful healing, Goshreenath!!! I feel so much better than before! My high blood pressure is regulated. Also, my meditation is going deeper. Thanks for All…

Elke Kormann

Abdominal Ache Due To Periods Healed

I was suffering from severe abdominal aches due to my periods. And I was not able to move at all or do any tasks. My pain was almost 10/10. I had a distant healing session with Goshreenath Nayak for dysmenorrhea, and after that, the pain was completely gone, I felt much better, and I was able to finish my task. I am very grateful to him for giving me this wonderful healing. At the end, my pain was 0. Thank You Once Again !!!

Sweta Jhunjhunwala

Wonderful Soul & Awesome Pranic Healer

I had various opportunities to interact with Goshreenath. He is a very loving, kind, helpful and a Wonderful Soul and also an awesome Pranic Healer. His scanning is very accurate. He is God gifted and has immense healing power. I would definitely recommend ARHATIC HEALERS if you would like to experience Pranic Healing!!!

Manisha Shah
Lixar IT

Thank You For The Great Healing

”The effect of healing from Goshreenath Nayak is so powerful that I feel physically stronger, emotionally calmer, and mentally optimistic… He also supports us with awesome insights and advice based on energy scanning to improve our lives materially and spiritually. Thank You For The Great Healing…”

Marida Pontesilli

Grateful for Healing…

Thank You GMCKS for Goshreenath… During the session, it was feeling very cool, and I could feel a soothing effect in every cell of my body… Super Stronger Energy… Right now, I feel so ready to get things going… Bless him in all areas of his life. So Happy and Thankful. Thank You…

Esmeralda Tovar

Insightful and Accurate

Thank You Arhatic Healers for this wonderful scanning experience! Your scanning was very accurate and has given me great insight. It was a good confirmation on areas that need attention. Many thanks, and I wish you great success…

Nicole Fouche

Helped me to understand and accept my condition…

Muy acertado. Sencillamente impresionante. Me ayudo a comprender y aceptar mi condición. Recomiendo y doy fe del buen servicio de ARHATIC HEALERS.

(Translation by Google: Very good. Just impressive. It helped me to understand and accept my condition. I recommend and attest to the good service of ARHATIC HEALERS).

Natalia Patiño

Astounding & Extremely Detailed Scanning !!!

The scanning provided for me was extremely accurate and helpful. I am grateful to have become acquainted with Arhatic Healers and look forward to having a healing done by Goshreenath in the near future. After which time, I will follow up with more feedback. I believe that with his skills and dedication, he will be able to improve the lives of many more souls!

June Te Nyenhuis

Dedicated Energy Worker…

A 99% accurate aura reading and a very dedicated energy worker…

Pritibala Bij

Aura Reading Was Very Insightful

The aura reading was very insightful and guided me towards looking within.

Vanessa Montoya

He is Gifted at finding areas requiring Healing…

I received my scan from HEALERO X and he is very accurate with his scanning capabilities. He is gifted at finding areas requiring healing, in the aura and in physical, emotional, and mental bodies, etc. I am well pleased with his ability to scan and find things that I knew about myself and give me accurate feedback on the questions I asked. I look forward to posting another review after I receive a healing. Thank You & Atma Namaste HEALERO X!

Kel Hall
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