Property & Spacial Healing deals with the process of cleansing and harmonizing the energies inside homes, workplaces, patios, gardens, schools, clinics, and any other areas or surroundings that may need it.


Do you feel like your home or workplace has a lot of negative or low vibrations?

Are you new to a space or property and want to clean it from the energetic impregnations of the old tenants?

Has your family gone through a difficult experience that you want to put behind you by cleansing your home space/environment?

Achieve peace and well-being all around you with PROPERTY & SPACIAL CLEANSING.

In the same way that our spaces become physically dirty, they also become energetically dirty. Just like you would clean a physically dirty space, you also need to clean it energetically.

We want to help you clean and transform your home and surroundings. .

Property & Spacial Cleansing can:

  1. Cleanse your space of negative and stressful energy.
  2. Eliminate negative psychic impregnations and memories from the past.
  3. In short, clean all energetic dirt that perches in the corners in the same way as physical dust that settles.
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